You ask a lot a questions I’ve thought about….often and long

November 9, 2009 at 8:31 pm

and wrestled with regarding IVIG A LOT!
First off, the IG’s simply you get are outnumbering your own ‘mis-programmed’ ones [for whatever unknown reason[s] that have gone whacko] Therefore, they DO forestall additional damage to some/most degree[s]. There used to be an attitude in research that the NEW IG’s would help re-program the existing immune system to behave. I’ve never thought so, instinct about how immune systems switch on or off is key to this I guess…it merely stalls further damages. That’s fine with me so far.
The other thing to think about IS the BRAND of IVIG? I have found I respond far better to some brands than others, side-effects and results, the whole kaboodle. Further, there has ‘traditionally’ been some thinking that higher doses might be required for ‘maintenance’ in the long term. That WE get ‘resistant’ to current doses of IG. Whether you get increases or not, is dependent on your own neuro’s philosophies. A hard thing to find out about…other than gut instinct? And then access to other opinions which could bolster an argument for higher doses, or doses more often.
This all doesn’t amount to a hill of beans tho in the long run? My ins. too the deductables and co-pays have jumped up BIG-TIME! I won’t wonder WHY – too controversial for here. But, I don’t live under a rock either.
At least, it seems your doc, and mine, are trying to help us! Keep counting your blessings! I find that often helps me get my stress levels down a tad.
Hope always! Never lose that!