You aren’t the only one….

May 30, 2010 at 8:07 pm

But IF you read carefully the ‘full prescribing information’? The drug co makes it very hard to determine neuropathic side effects.
Remember, that few people know HOW to report such side effects to the FDA. Actually it’s easy and painless? But it is time-consuming-in that it takes about 45 minutes of answering phone questions so all their forms can be filled in[I call it thorough?]. I’ve had to report serious side effects on occasion and have always found the FDA to be helpful and informative to my questions at the end and my concerns. Most folks are intimidated to report s/e’s and most docs simply won’t/don’t take the time! Sad state of affairs in my humble opinion.
I suspect that should you web up ‘Statins+Neuropathy’ You’ll find lots of studies on the subject, posts at various sites and lots of ‘our pill will cure you’ sites as well. Skip the last ones, please!
I think the key aspect is IF you developed PN pain while on the statins or long after you’d stopped? I’d taken one, but it simply didn’t work-but that was years before my PN/CIDP developed. I don’t think they have a long term effect on our systems? But I’m not gonna swear tho that! Good luck!

You aren’t the only one

April 14, 2007 at 7:09 pm

My husband, age 60, came down with severe GB on June 4, 2006. He is still paralyzed except for some head and shoulder movement, and still on the vent and unable to swallow. He was just moved two weeks ago to a nursing home vent unit. He couldn’t shut his eyes for over six months and they never sewed his eyes shut. They just kept putting in drops. He communicated for nine months by either rolling his eyeballs or blinking his eyes and a month ago, they tried a speaking valve and he was able to talk – even though it was very distorted. I think there is still some hope, but would sure like to hear more from people who were long term on a vent and paralyzed. John was healthy and strong, a working farmer, when this happened. He has remained more courageous and cheerful than I have through this. He says he prays a lot. He has had a great deal of support from friends. He is an hour away from home.