May 30, 2010 at 7:33 pm

I’ve just hit my 7th anniversary of this and I’m surprised that I’ve lasted this long and can still write long but coherent sentences! There were ‘times’ tho? AND we all get the little/big issues now and then so we waffle if it’s even real or not!
Worst of it is? I’ve got sooo many specialists for soo many different [yet, somehow I believe], related problems – that my problem is which one of the ‘ghostbusters’ do I call?
I understand completely about the water temp. Too hot? Too cold? Is it EVER Just rite? Nope. MY fingers and toes can turn blue at the drop of a hat! Which could indicate other neuro or hereditary issues? But they were nixed by testing. I love my portable hair-dryer on low to thaw me out at times…. more agressive things could do big-time damage.
FYI? My now normal temp is 97.6. Anything higher or lower is a sign of a problem. But, most of all I hate the being blue [literally] part. THOSE shivers are nasty and hard to get over.
Keep up your faith, be careful and slog on? Hugs and hope!