You are not alone in confusion????

April 15, 2008 at 11:24 am

Stacy – Yes stress can affect your #’s. Then any meds can too. Some up, some down, some skewed when on meds that ‘up’ and others ‘down’ certain aspects. I’ve been wrestling with this for years now, I am not any clearer. I do know that in the last year, I’d noticed some numbers sliding into the ‘abnormal’ too hi or low ranges and kept bringing up my concern to my ‘herd’ of doctors over the last year. They are finally paying attention, tho over-racting in my opinion. I’m about to have biopsies and more tests and feel like a lab rat.
Soo, yes, stress can do things to you, so can your meds. In combination they can do a real number on you? Thing to do is just chill and go with it. To worry [tho very hard not to?] only makes things worse.
IF you don’t get that letter with the test results? CALL. One of the most frustrating things about docs is when they call you and rattle off numbers about frabizle and zorfnitz and you have absolutely no frame of reference. I don’t know about you, but I truly need to see and hold that piece of paper to grasp it all that they are talking about.
Going through all that you have been going through IS stressful and exhausting. I hope you can find some good frustration outlet for all that’s been going on with YOU so that you can first take care of YOU then all who you take care of. I wish I could send you a heap of cyber-strength!