you are blessed and accept it

October 29, 2010 at 3:10 pm

If you read this forum long enough you will discover this form of autoimmune affects folks very differently. From anoying to devistating. I have been dianosis for two years.I get 40 grams every 28 days. I think this is a low dose compaired to others. 900 mg of neurotin and 50mg of tramadol a day and I’m feeling good. I thank the lord each day that it has not affected me more.I am now stable and kinda know what to expect. My last Neuro visit the Doctor explained little is know about Autoimmune and if they knew more could find better treatments. Some days are just worse then others and normal for lots of things she sees. Keep active and thankful it was discovered earlier rather then latter. This stopped or slowes down the damage that takes a long while to repair. . I use to worry if I would go down hill but currently it seems I’m holding level and may be improving. Again thank goodness for your sucess.