you are all so sweet!!!

August 1, 2008 at 11:15 am

Awesome to have such an awesome cyber-family!!! makes me smile when i hear cyber-grandma/grandpa/auntie, etc. you are all just the best there could ever be! and all over the world – that makes it even better!

Kai stays up all night, like, til 6 a.m.!!! but hubby works that same shift and is home until tuesday, so he stays up with him:p oh, how i love that man!!! trying to slowly convert him, and it may be working cuz he fell asleep at 4 am yesterday. he has to be touching someone, though – you know, feeling their body heat. got him to sleep in his crib a couple times, but that is rare. not that we mind having him next to us right now:D

my boys are soooo good with him!!! and so is my black lab. all 3 of them are all over him – totally in love with the little guy! melts my heart to see them like this! and seeing hubby do all of the things that i do – feedings, diapers, playing, talking, etc, that makes me so happy that i almost cry! told him yesterday, with my eyes filled with tears, that i could not be happier than i am right now. life could not be more perfect.

been a busy week, taking him to see the elders of our families. did our first rounds out of town yesterday – great-grandpa, grandma, aunts, uncles, great-aunt. took boys for a tour of our old stomping grounds – where hubby and i met when we were 13 years-old and had huge crushes on eachother. lots of cool stories came out and we took boys to eat at the same place we used to go to as teenagers. geez – im so in love right now!!! yesterday just brought back so many good memories! it was a wonderful day!

well, i suppose i should get moving now. miss talking to you all, but sure that will get better over time! i know you all understand! take care of yourselves!

love ya bunches!