You are all right in so many ways….

July 25, 2010 at 6:04 pm

Like you, I try not to ‘count’ anniversaries for THIS any more, I only use them as milestones thru which I CELEBRATE the facts that I’m still alive and walking! [Albiet not as well as I’d like?] This time last year I went into the hospital TWICE due to possible ‘relapses’ or whatever they are/were that caused me to seriously fall twice in less than one month! Truly I’m am only just recovering from those disasters now. These are simply facts.
What is the most frustrating part is, that before I fell? I’d been stable for several years and almost improving yearly. Slow but able to do more and more! Out the window that went w/almost 8 months of first hospital, rehab, then home and outpatient PT! Before I could walk again w/2 canes.
I don’t like to complain often? But, I’ve learned that overcoming CIDP and multiple other issues can be done! I’ve learned lots of grace, kindess and giving from many good people here and at other resources.
WE aren’t totally handicapped? We just look at things and how to do them differently NOW. To complain and moan doesn’t do ANYTHING! To share and learn and understand what is happening [so many docs actually or mite think?] to us is far more important in our tryng to get medically well.
THEN there is our spirits/souls/heart! Lori it sounds like you are getting thru the losing your ‘old self’ into accepting you as you ARE! Congratulations! It’s a harder mountain for one w/CIDP to climb, simply because of CIDP!
Don’t ever, please, stop trying to ‘push’ your envelope! Little bits at a time more each day can get you built up to actually do and be even more!
I’d needed your sharing of strength today? You’ve given me a gift that cannot be repaid. THANK YOU!