yet another

December 13, 2010 at 8:28 pm

so just by cahnce or not really…i was at my nuero appointment last week and i was telling him about the dizziness and headaches. he said that perhaps making the ivig go slower (6 hours instead of 4) would help.
so i call my infusion nurses company and she explains that my insurance only pays for 2 hours of infusion.
so i can’t get my ivig extended to 6 hours and as it is they are “eating” two hours.
so i am stuck with 4 hour infusions or i can get two 3 hour infusions.
just thought i would throw that out there.
i have heard that insurance companies will back down if called and really they are just putting the constraints out there until someone challenges them. is it bad that i don’t want to go through all the phone calls?

good luck everyone