yes to the journal : )

September 6, 2010 at 10:18 pm

thank you for the info–yes i do keep notes of strenghth and fatigue—definitely helps. At this time the cidp has only affected my calves and ankles so i base it on walking difficulty and exercise tolerance mostly.—–im jealous Roland –you can stand on your toes and heels–lol thats what my neuro told me to try each day to test for strenght returning while on the pred—but she said to give it 2-3 im holding out hope… Did a little research on the pred, i think my weakness may have been metabolic—upped my potassium intake and feel a lot better. makes sense cuz even though i was feeling weak–i hadn’t lost any measurable strength???? thanks to all–i appreciate the imput–especially senior menbers who have been at this for a while–i appreciate all you have to offer from your own experiences : ) Lori