Yes this really bites:to netski!

June 22, 2006 at 12:24 pm

dear netski,

i am new to this awful thang called GBS at age 32. i am
also having a hard time adjusting to my new form of existance
that has confined and bined me to spend alot of time in a prone
position. i was very active before and now i watch the morning
show, tons of movies, read, and do phsical therapy with my mom
twice a day. i also daydream. This really does suck, i agree! why me
i ask. what did i ever do to deserve this. why am i not getting better
faster. what the F? this is so crazy, never in my wildest dreams could
i have ever imagined i would be struck down with such a thing! I cannot
even see strait now- i have double vision and am currently wearing an
eye patch. THIS IS REDICULOUS!!! anyway to switch over to a positive
note-You must keep telling yourself that 1. This is not forever you will
get better. 2. You didn’t die in a car accident or become paralyzed
permanently. 3. One day you will be able to look back at this crap
and say wow that was crazy egh? best wishes to you netski-hang
in there cuz thats about all we can do right now.
sayz mizliz