yes, it works

September 15, 2011 at 2:19 pm

The best book is EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE by Peter D’Adamo. I have done it for years and have seen a difference. I have recommended it to others and they swear by it. I have mentioned it in past posts but people keep wanting a “magic bullet” for their body. I sent you a private message, but never heard back. So I assumed you did not want to put effort into your healng. Glad you have discovered this way of eating. It just makes sense. I tell those I help holistically that it is like juggling balls…reduce the amount of balls in the air and your body can take care of illnesses. But when you are giving it foods that do not agree with it, it has a tougher time of healing.
Of course, you will have those naysayers that put this down. ANd keep others from discovering an easy way to HEALTH that doesn’t involve the pharmaceutical companies. I am an O blood type so red meat is Medicine for me. I can tell when I have not had it in eyes water and my body feels weaker. If you get a chance to look at the book I recommended, it will tell you that even dental cavities are more prone to certain blood types…bet it has to do with the acidity and alkalinity of the body/mouth.
I have stopped suggesting healthy ways to improve our bodies on this site,because of those negative people who put it down and yet have never tried it. My friend had Lupus and kept miscarrying. Once she followed the advice of a NAturopath, she had a baby within a year…that was 25 years ago. Forget about the labels that are put on these so-called “diseases”…most can be resolved by proper eating habits. Herpes is an imbalance of the amino acid Lysine that triggers the virus to grow…too many foods with the amino Arginine and one gets an outbreak…so simple. Gout is too much uric acid from improper eating…eat cherries and it is resolved.
I just wouldn’t want the KARMA of those who get on here and say it is Quackery!!! How dare they take away the Truth and Hope.