Yes it can! But not all kinds

April 21, 2009 at 12:00 am

There are some inherited traits of CIDP in some families. Not everybody that gets CIDP is inherited though. Many different kinds and forms of CIDP. Some can be worse than others. They actually call many inherited forms of CIDP Heriditary Neuropathy. And there are hundreds of genes that cause the problem. Heriditary Neuropathy though is usually treated different than people with the actual CIDP. CIDP has many causes. Sometimes they can’t even find the reasons for it leaving a person in limbo. Others get treated and some get better while others don’t. Just depends on what is causing the problem.
I hate having the mess! Wished the stem cell research somehow finds a cure for all of us with nerve damage. Would be a wonderful things and I pray each day that we all see that happen.
Linda H