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January 5, 2010 at 2:22 pm

Hi Florencia,
Over the past couple of years, at the end of the day, when I was more tired, I was seeing double.
Then, about a month or so ago, I started seeing double all the time.
Anyone who has CIDP should be seeing their ophthalmalogist every 6 months anyways, as CIDP can affect the eyes.
So, I went right away to my ophth. doc.
The used a machine as they thought the knew what it was, and sure enough, the machine proved them correct. The CIDP is affecting the nerves controlling the muscles controlling the eyes. It is called, “Strabismus”, or diplopia.
What made me angry, was that one of the doctors I was seeing for a couple of years at that office, I had been telling him about at days end I was seeing double, and he shrugged it off as saying that it was just your CIDP causing it. THIS time, I have a good tech that I see every time, and I told him I wanted to see a different opth. doc, and he suggested one of the best ones in the office, (it is a large office of about 8 different docs). He immediately knew it was Strabismus, knowing that I have CIDP.
So, he sent me to a place in the next town, that makes glasses, but I was there to have prisms put on my eye glasses. The doc had said that the condition will get worse, and there was no sense in getting actual glasses each time, when they have prisms that can actually go right over the glasses I have. So, when it gets worse, I am supposed to go back to him, he uses the machine to get the prescription needed for the prisms, then I go back to the eye glass place for new prisms. By the way–the prisms on my eye glasses work well, though, still at the end of the day it gets worse lately, as I think it is already starting to get worse again.

AH-but there also may be a danger here. I happen to have my regular neuro apptmnt a few days later. He immediately got worried, as he told me Strabismus can also be a sign of Primary Lymphoma of the Brain or CNS Lymphoma, or lesions on the brain particularly Cranial Nerve III (Occulomotor), Cranial Nerve IV (Trochlear), or Cranial Nerve VI (Abducena), or brain swelling.
He immediately scheduled me for another brain MRI. Luckily, everything was okay with my brain, (I just have an old lesion). But he also ordered some blood tests for something else he didn;t tell me, which I see him again in 2 weeks.

So, to all the above saying they are also seeing double vision–there is concern here. First-go to your ophtalmalogist and get tested for Strabismus, (diplopia). If it turns out to be that, prisms will solve the immediate problem. But, then go to your neuro, and then tell him you have Strabismus, and see if he wants to test you for the brain problems. Don’t wait on this, since it could be quite serious.

I personally am dieing from what CIDP has done to my body by hitting my automonic system, as told by 3 of my doctors, and my body continues to deteriorate. Every 4 to 5 months, something else happens new, like I was just told last week, that I have bad osteoporosis, due to the chemotherapy I have been on for almost 3 years. Nothing bothers me anymore, since I am used to getting new things all the time now. The Strabismus was another thing added last month.

Like I said–if you wanna know something–usually ask Ken–he has everything…LOL