Yes, I had slow onset

May 18, 2006 at 12:09 pm

I had a very slow onset

I first develope this in April of 2005, three weeks before I felt real fatigue, tight muscles, etc. I laid down one day to take an nap and woke up with double vision, through out the last year and the first 3 months on the onset of my GBS/CIDP I was 139 lbs. and went down to 110 lbs. My weight has been up and down ever since. When I get a set back from other problems my body does not like my weight seems to drop. I recently had 3 kideystone due to all the medication I was on, and lost 11 lbs because of being sick from that. The best thing the Doctors every gave me for appetite and weight gain was megase 400ML it is really great it increases your appetite tremendously. I also take protein shakes, ensure and any thing that makes you gain weight.

I hope this helps.