Yes I did delete

April 19, 2007 at 6:50 am

I re-read and it sounded a little self harmful. I didn’t want to give anyone that idea.There seems to be alot of similar emotions out there. I knew that before because I know I’m not unique.I have a appointment with my Neuro thanks to a VERY DEAR FRIEND in a very saddened state that took the time and effort to try and get me help soon. The Neuro has also gotten me an ASAP appointment for friday with a Pshycaritst , (here I am sitting crying and wondering about my spelling because I used to have such good diction) I had trouble with a ABC and 123 book with my grandson . I’m wondering if there is some dain braimage appearing from this aftermath. I’m having trouble remembering what day I did what and appointments. I have let my Medication organizers run dry on several times and that makes it really tough to figure out. I’m going to need another system to set them up in. I didn’t take any of them yesterday , I sure hope I didn’t screw up. Well thanks to all who responded and much love to the DEAR SWEET FRIEND.