yes, consider supplements

May 24, 2010 at 9:19 am

I remember so many years ago somebody told me ‘they’ use msm, well, really it is DMSO for muscle problems in expensive race horses. There are some doctors online and in print who will tell you how to use it.

I’ve taken all the pharmecutical stuff mentioned on this forum, yet I believe it is the supplements that helped me the most. When my nerve pain, tingling and numbness were at their worst I took msm in powdered form becuse it’s easier to dissolve a lot of it and drink it up.

As homeagain said, give the msm several months. Don’t give up too soon.

Overall, I prefer a form of fish oil that also contains COQ10 and L-carnitine. I use 4 grams/day. Recently (2006-2009) some neurologists have recommended ‘a good’ B-complex and magnesium. I no longer take msm.

My wife is from China. She researched CIDP on the Chinese Alternative and West style web sites. She found a web site that she trusted that gave directions for a juice drink made from apple, raw potato, carrot, celery and honey. Use about a fist size of each, honey added to suit your taste. I took this every day for almost one year back in 2005. Did the juice help? I think so, but I couldn’t prove it. I got stronger and my numbness and tingling decreased, but sometimes I go in remission and recover a little function no matter what. I no longer use this drink either. Well, they started my IVIG.

For DickS,

thank you for the Clinical Trial info. The trial in Oregon is still recruiting. but, the IVIG infusion must be stable for 3 months. I don’t meet the criteria for the stem cell trial. I asked them if they are still recruiting, no answer yet.