October 28, 2006 at 12:41 am

yes. i got my flu shot about three weeks ago. i have not had any side effects or the flu or a relapse of gbs. i feel fine. (the body parts i can feel that is) :p my asthma is fine too. i take advair to control that. i even went for a pulminary function test before my hysterectomy in april and my lungs are doing very well. so even the surgery under general anesthesia went well. there are (small) risks in vaccines, surgery, viruses, etc. i got my gbs from pneumonia the first time and an upper respiratory infection the second time. so needless to say, i now keep anti bacterial hand gel in my car, purse, etc., but i still get a flu shot every year. whatever you decide to do, i’ll stand by you and your decision.
stay well.