Yep, makes you want to go hibernate in a cave?

February 12, 2011 at 11:14 pm

HIghly unlikely tho! Soo, what to do? Go out and shop in ‘off hours’? As in early morning when fewer are out or at closing later at nite. Less ‘sick’ folks you encounter? Less likely of, well, contact! Of course, you can go around like ‘Detective Monk’ with packs of ‘wipes’? But rather try and wear washable ‘normal’ gloves in the winter and just be careful in the summer…. Truly it’s best not to stand out, or someone just mite deliberately come near you to sneeze on you. That’s the way some folks are these days.
I also try and get doc appts early on [after AM rush hour] but before any real backlogs might happen. Get in and out faster.
I’ve had varying degrees of sinusitis since I was age 7. It’d been managed until a pneumonia that gave me CIDP in the long run. I see an allergist annually as well as other docs for other s/e’s due to or not from the CIDP. Good health maintenance is your best prevention! And getting a GP that trusts YOU when you say YOU HAVE A PROBLEM and fits you in is key to keep things from getting worse or much worse.
I WILL Go to docs’ offices? Even tho there are sick folks there? But hate having to go to an ER! Where there are REALLY sick folks! Luckily they know from the get-go that I’ve several immune issues and I’m in a ‘shared’ 2 person ER exam room. Only one other to ‘catch’ things from? WOW!
Good luck to all and may we all not suffer too much from extra stuff?
Definitely NOT what we need.