Yep! I agree!

June 2, 2009 at 10:40 pm

Jo Jo! Last week I was doing so good and was so proud of myself. Was doing all kinds of projects to suddenly slam myself into an attack on my nervous system and am paying the price this week! I have been totally unable to do anything at all. Falling asleep on myself and can barely get my arms over my shoulders. My muscles in my legs feel like jelly! Wobbly feeling and can’t keep my balance when standing! Rest my dear friend! Rest! Anybody tries to get you to do anything you tell them you feel horrible and can’t do it! Get that rest! I know! I hate that word rest!

I really hate that word! Rest to me is a nasty word! I would rather be doing something productive making myself feel like I am being somebody instead of a couch potato! When I get this way I read, watch TV and do something crafty in bed while watching TV.
But if I had my way! I would be out partying! I would be at the beach, the mountains, water sking, bike riding, swimming and having myself one heck of a shopping spree in the malls that I have trouble walking in.

I guess it’s best that I am sick huh? My poor husbands bank account along with mine would look sad if I went shopping in a mall store. I can’t walk in a mall! It’s just to much for me! Hugs!

You get some rest! Please rest! Your only going to do more harm in the long run. Maybe tomorrow will give you answers! Hugs
Linda H