yep … been there

December 20, 2006 at 9:43 am

Hi Doby,

I know exactly what you are talking about. I had two LP’s with multiple holes and a blood patch, back in July. I didnt notice anything for about a week, and then the pain hit. Everytime I would move, touch my lower back, etc., I would get this sharp pain starting in my lower back, which would then shoot down my hips, through my buttocks, and down through my quads … it was crippling. Everytime I tried to stand up, it would require a good 15 seconds of just bracing for the pain to go through my legs and me to garner the ability / confidence to even try to move any further.

I went to see a physiatrist (my wife is a physiatrist, so I went to see her partner, since my wife could get me in immediately). He tried a number of drugs (Gabapentin, amytriptiline, oxycodone, etc.), but nothing helped that intense, shocking pain. It stayed with me for about four weeks, and then slowly started to dissipate. I still feel it occasionally, but not nearly as intense or nearly as often.

In my mind, I have attached the pain to the rebuilding of nerves, rebuilding of flexibility in limbs, LP damage to nerves, and the healing process.

Hang in there … it does get better and becomes manageable … but all in its own time.

Email me if I can assist with more info, as I have become so busy this holiday season (or for us financial people, budgeting season), that I dont often get to check the boards.

Best regards