Yellow, Red now Green

October 26, 2006 at 2:12 am

Life was like a stop light or traffic signal.

Yellow caution….I knew something was wrong!

Red…hit like a ton of bricks as everything went downhill and I was on life support. My world had stopped!

GREEN…..Getting better each day…..enjoying the Seasons…..Spring Green was a new beginning for me too…..Summer Grass Green gave me more reasons to get better and continue to bloom! Now Fall….wish the Green leaves would stay on the trees and I did not have to clean them up! Green for the Get up go I miss! Green for the money I wish I got from a paycheck!
Green for all the $$$ that GBS has cost my insurance company over the past year! Green for the color of the Christmas Tree I am going to set up this year! I was in the hospital last year for all the holidays……a friend gave me an Angel and she watched over me. She had a green ribbon around her waist!