Years later

July 27, 2007 at 10:42 pm

I just walked home from a concert in the park in downtown Arlington Heights.
The moon is almost full and it’s a beautiful evening.
As I walked I thought about the canoe trip I took with friends and family, 2 years ago tommorow. By the following Saturday, I was in CCU and on life support. As I walked I could only thank God for recovery and a bit more time to spend with wife, friends, children and grand children. I was 64 then and now as I approach 67(January), I am able to walk and do most everything.
So I doubt it is an age thing. It could be easy to why me… feet feel like I’m walking on bunched up socks, my left eye waters a bit, my upper lip feels “numb” and my hands tingle….but hey I can enjoy the neighborhhod, an almost full moon, a walk home and concert with Cathie.
Granted my recovery is better than many, but maybe some of the folks need professional help.
I will pray for them.