Yeap! Been there!

May 25, 2009 at 7:49 pm

Hello! Mine started out as Sensory Nerve damage before I developed CIDP. But I was diiagnosed with Systemic Lupus back then. You have a Neuropathy of some kind going on with you at the present time. Most likely will get several test done to rule out several Auto Immune Disorders and will probably also be checked for Vitamin B-12 and Diabetes! I have no feeling of a tuning fork at all in my ankles. It’s not GBS going on with you at the present moment but more of an underlying disorder that is most likely auto immune! And there are a number of Auto Immune Diseases out there. I think your doctor did the right thing. You might get lucky and get diagnosed with something right away or you might end up having to have several test done! Good luck!
Linda H