Yeah! When I woke up it was hurting…

May 1, 2009 at 1:27 pm

My experience was not that great! Although I do laugh about it now. Poor doctor I think I scared him half to death. He was way up there inside me and when I came to I had aweful stomach cramping. I remember that pain very well. All I remember was me saying “Get IT Out! Get IT Out! OCHHHH! LOL! Then I heard him say give her more medication.
When he came to my room to let me know about the adhesions around the bowel and the Hiatial Hernia I was so drugged up that I had to get my husband to tell me what he said! LOL! He made sure I was not going to come too a second time around. But I did remember me telling him that I woke up. But was asking him if I did? He then puts his head down and nodded yes! LOL! Then he was so apologetic about it! Told me it’s rare when it happens but does happen! Just my luck huh?
Linda H