yeah, that migraine issue gets me, too

June 5, 2008 at 1:39 am

My migraines aren’t bad now, but they first started when i initially got really sick in december. I’d had bad headaches for a couple years, since i knocked myself out ice skating (how silly!). But, when my suspected GBS symptoms came around in december, one of the first things that happened was horrific headaches that turned into migraines. Once, i went to the clinic, curled up in a ball, sobbing and they told me they were going to medicate me with Tordol, Phenergan, and Ativan. “Our favorite migraine cocktail”, they said. I’m a nurse, so i use these drugs on a dialy basis (for my patients, not myself:) I know their affects, so i was afraid they’d overdose me, since i’d never had any of those drugs before, let alone all of them in one syringe. They already had it drawn up, and i knew i was i good hands, so i took the shot. It didn’t even touch the pain! Not even a little! They called my dad to pick me up and i sobbed all the way back to his house, until i fell asleep in his bed two hours later. Then i slept like a baby for 8 hours, though:) Excedrin Tension Headache seems to work miracles, but i can’t take it now, because im pregnant.