yeah im up fer it

June 16, 2006 at 4:46 pm

*wakes up about dark, Looks stupified at a pair of pannies the size of an elephant butt.:confused:
looks around nervously and heads out for the tavern*
Greetings my friends,
*everyone groans*:eek:
I gotta quit drinking that ivig, it kiks my butt and gives me the wildest nightmares. Talk about a hangover.
Lets see, i got a request for a song. But first a beer Jer, and I may have to go out back for a minite and clear my head. 😎
I got one fer uns, the devil went down to georgia. I got this purdy young girl to dance for us tonight. Ladies and gentleman,:D
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I don’t give a dam about a man that can’t spell a word but one way. Mark Twain