Yeah and it is good to be slow.

December 12, 2009 at 8:08 am

This is really good news and it is great that the approach is cautious as well. I kind of think of autoimmune disease as two siblings fighting. They know just how to push each others buttons and can disrupt all of life. Having the disease under control is like having a truce and withdrawing treatment is like the truce maker slowly stepping from the room with the hope that after the siblings have learned to live together in peace, they will continue to do so. It takes a period of time for the truce to be stable and people to learn to live in peace with each other–to find ways to work together. Often the trucemaker has to leave gently so that the siblings do not realize so much that they can live in peace without that. I know that autoimmune disease is moer complex than that, but the analogy works for me. The goal is an immune system that lives in peace with the body.

I just wish this worked for war. It is what is needed. That the “peacekeeper” forces can slowly leave and that peace in the nations can be maintained. But this is not about Kevie, whose body is in a peace state. We all hope tremendously that this peace state continues and his autoimmune war is over.

WithHope for a cure of these diseases and for peace on earth. Big hope.