Wow! What

June 25, 2009 at 7:11 am

Wow! What beautiful artwork you have there! About the allergy shots! Since you have had GBS it might pay to talk to your doctor about them first and see what he reccomends! It’s not a vaccine but might react a certain way that effects each person differently!

I have asthma and allergies really really bad along with it being CODP! I am on Abuterol Nebulizer and Abuterol Inhaler along with Symbacort Inhalers. Ot makes me jittery and nervous and gives me mood swings. I take anxiety medication and that helps out with the jitters that the asthma meds to do me!

I don’t see why the shots would be dangerous but me not being the doctor here I hate to say yes and there be something in the drug that could cause GBS. But the allergy shots are not a vaccine and more medication than anything else. Almost like Benedryl but a little different from that!

But you do need to take something for that! Allergeries and Asthma both can kill a person if the attacks are really strong. I landed in the ER several times because I could not breathe and had to have treatments. That was getting expensive too! So now I have my own nebulizer here! And have only seen 1 ER visit so far this year due to it! Much better than 7 visits a year!
Linda H