Wow! I feel for him!

April 22, 2009 at 7:10 am

Thanks for sharing this! Shows this disease can attack the famous, rich, poor and anybody it wants to attack. This economy really scares me! I am seeing some very wealthy people loosing their homes and everything else. I am just glad my place is paid for. Me and my husband don’t use credit cards. We pay for everything in cash! If we can’t afford it we don’t buy it! High life styles can really turn a person into a poor one really quick. The more money you make in an income the more desires of wanting to have the nice home and nice cars. But that money can be spent very quickly. And the worst part. As we get older that income can end very fast. Leaving a person in bankruptcy!
Hate to hear another GBS patient being added to the list of those that already have it. And hope Fridge Perry gets well again and becomes famous again! Will be praying for him and his family!
Linda H