Wow, hard question…and I have been thinking about it.

February 13, 2010 at 8:08 pm

Have verbally experessed to my DH what I think I want? But putting it into words sounds…well, so FINAL?
I agree about the 3 months tho…but also I’d include some aspects about hope for recovering SOME sorts of self function. First off mental function, secondly ability to communicate and do simple body functions.
I say this after serving ‘time’ in a ‘rehab facility’ for several weeks. One where there was an entire floor for those with Alzheimers? I could not at that time [due to a major post-surgery recovery] do much to take care of myself AT ALL! There were times? When depression of setting and situation were well…need I say more?
THANK YOU For bringing this up! It’s good to get a solid shove to do the right things about what you would want done, while you can be clear on what you think you want done! I believe that makes sense, tho it’s convoluted, like law or like medicine.
Keeping things clear for you and your family tho, does make all decisions easier! Both in the short and long term. It’s a hard thing to face….one’s mortality? Life, and quality of life should be stated outright as YOUR choices and stated clearly. How one does that varies from state to state tho. IF you can’t afford it? I’m sure there are sources near your that provide help. If you can’t find them? Let me know…
Hope and heart and good things!