WOW big stuff! I hurt for you already!

December 26, 2010 at 9:43 pm

My leg surgery 18+ months ago wasn’t planned and I could only STAND 3 weeks in rehab. Between the bad food and the boredom? [Don’t even mention roomates] I could NOT WAIT TO GET HOME! It was another 8 wks before given the OK to ‘walk’! Plus 3-1/2 months of outpatient rehab.
Learn or RE-LEARN to use transfer boards from wheelchairs to beds or cars NOW! Web up ‘handicap transfer boards’ and pick the widest and longest and cheapest you can find so it’s ready when you are… [my first experiences we used an unused bookshelf- it would catch and pinch my skin big time!] That transfer board was an inexpensive and very useful purchase.
Another thing to consider is that IF you are home and still confined to a wheelchair? Where is your bathroom? And can you either wheel or use a walker to get to it. Or get a ‘portable commode’-essentially an indoor ‘you-know-what’ so it’s convenient AND accessable to you. I live in a ‘ranch, or one-level house so I’m lucky, but the wheelchair doesn’t fit thru the doors to the bathrooms. Hobble hop and whatever are your options and they can wear you out. Essentially it’s that? And or Depends! Honestly I’m still not sure which is worse? This isn’t meant to scare you by any means…just to let you know there ARE a lot of options. As well as things you must prepare for ahead of time…
Lastly? Call your docs Tomorrow AM ASAP and start with them about what PT you need in prep and immediately afterwards! While you mite not be able to walk? There are lots of ‘theraband’ and isometric exercises you can do to keep some strength and maybe gain more for when you walk again!
Good luck and keep faith that you can and WILL get thru this! HUGS!!!!!