Worsened by Steroids

December 17, 2008 at 1:42 pm

Hey Guys and Gals,

This is exactly when it got me hard last year but perhaps a week or two earlier. Had the spinal tap on the 23rd. Dawn, your on to something here.
Kritin has season flares too.

Hey Billt, I am the oddball. the more steroid I take the weaker I get, I tried going up on my own and I get weaker, Now I dropped to 50 and it it more tolerable. When I got the steroid injected in my back it gave me foot drop.
So now I know.

Phone tag has finally ended. Get aload of this. The Neuro tries calling my PCP who left message two days in row. Here Neuro called me by mistake and asked for Dr. Grover when I answered. HA HA. So I told him what was going down directly.

Anyway he said come down off the Prednisone 10MG every 3 days and he is gonna whip up a Recipe of IVIG for me. He doesn’t want me get it between Xmas and new year B/C of being in the hospital over holiday. So I don’t know,
what am I looking at 4 days in a row for first one?? I hope I don’t worsen too badly til then or it roar its ugly face at me. Now I am Scaired.

Problem being there is a good hospital 5 mi away but my neuro is in PHL.
How do I deal with that?? Advise me, thanks tim.