wonderful female problems

March 16, 2007 at 12:10 am

judy in response to the info on the prolapse—i have cyctecel and rectacel which is the herneation and dropping of the bladder and the rectum. my uretha has also fallen. i have been seeing a urologist/gynocologist. she said it is a direct affect of the gbs. exactly as you said the pelvic floor is a muscle and it could not hold every thing up. i was cathaderized for only one day in the hospital but i guess my bladder was hit harder than i thought. she did a test on me they call a ero to check the capacity of the bladder and i was able to hold at least twice as much as most women. hhmmmppphh so now more to take care of. but at least the surgery is more successful now than it used to be. now if i can get the financial help i need for this. another hhhmmmpphhhbut they did do a hormone test and im not menapausal and im 47years young;)