Wonder if this can help my husband!

October 27, 2008 at 7:40 pm

My husband works for a Car Dealership and he came home today in a real salty mood! His boss instead of laying anybody off, decided to cancel everybodies health insurance today! No warning, no nothing! Just canceled everybodies health insurance.
Told all the employees he had a choice of laying off a few workers or paying $8000.00 a year for insurance. So he canceled the insurance. But yet! The man had 15 new cars arrive on the parking lot today also!
My personal opinion! He took the health insurance money so he could buy the cars and said the heck with his employees healthcare!
My poor husband is so depressed over this! Thank-god! I have my own health insurance! But what if he get’s sick?
This Wall Street turmoil and the banking problems have just opened up Pandora’s Box. I think what we are going to see now is a bunch of vultures taking advantage of the poor working class trying to make a living. Telling them anything and everything just to keep them working and will take away what ever they want to using the economy as an excuse to take away. Makes me sick thinking about it!
I know this is mainly for SSD Insurance but it would be nice if they had a place where employees could do something! Just wonder how many more will suffer over this Wall Street and Banking mess! I know we are not the only ones that are going to pay the price, for other’s mistakes. But know there are many more going to suffer because of this!
Thank-you for sharing this information! I hope someone will be able to use it in the future! Just wished my husband could! But glad there is a place we can call upon! Thanks for sharing! Hugs
Linda H