With Hope you are not alone in your feelings

April 4, 2008 at 6:21 pm

Hello, I read with understanding, a little humor, and sadness this post of yours.
“a strange gait, lots of fatigue and functional weakness, This does not change, however, the fact that I do not want to have this. I keep hoping that I will wake up one morning and find that this last year was just one bad nightmare and that all these challenges are gone.”
I was dx in Nov 2007 with CIDP, Anti Mag IgM and have had the feeling for six months that i would wake up and it would be a bad dream. Each day has been a challange in the walking, gait, pain, etc., however, one of the biggest challanges has been how to deal with this mentally and come to terms of acceptance, which I’m still working on.
The IVIG after five months wa discontinued and I just finished my fifth plasmsphresis treatment yesterday. it, also, has done very little. I see the MD on Mon.
For the first time yesterday I referred to myself as disabled, HELLO, me with the walker with the seat, that has to sit down every few seconds before contuning to walk.
As for aging, I’m now 150 years old. Body, shakes, rattles, and rolls. Remind myself of Tim on the Old Carol Burnett Show.
My husband is terrific and handling caregiver plus all household issues with humor and concern. Makes me feel guilty.
So each day, i attempt to wake up with a posetive attitude and thank God for the day. Notice I said attempt.
Hang in there and know we are here for you, old or not