…with hope and prayers for all…

February 1, 2010 at 7:31 pm

[U]fairly odd mother[/U]
[QUOTE]I am still holding onto hope that I will wake up one morning and have no signs or residuals that I was ever hit with this.[/QUOTE] As I pray, the last thing I ask our Father God, is to reach out with His healing hand and touch all of us with GBS and CIDP. FOM, I share your hope for all of us.

Please don’t be sorry. In fact, your post brought a little humor with it because they have dumped about everything on smoking, and the billboard made the statement.:) I just had an instant thought on global warming and let my thoughts get a little carried away. I do that at times..sorry.

And chicken…I will eat it but I look at every bite, my favorite is KFC. But I will never go to a chicken barbecue in fear of the chicken being undercooked.

With warmest regards,