Wish it were that ‘simple’?

January 15, 2010 at 7:14 pm

Such tests aren’t very reliable and, they are also ‘invasive’. One thing all here, consider for any procedure about 10-15 times [flip-flopping like a fish out of water all the way] for each one – as the prospect of being suseptible to new and more ‘quirky’ infections or other stuff is present in hospitals.
As one who has HAD to have at least NINE invasive medical procedures in the 6+ years since I got CIDP, I have to tell you straight out that each time I even go in for blood work I’m scared silly! I don’t sleep well, and usually am on high alert before and for ‘problems’ afterwards.
Get a copy if you can? Of your latest ‘matabolic’ blood tests and take a look at them. Many laboratories [Quest and LabCorp are good sort of] provide information about lab tests and what they mean … but be cautious there is … an ‘or not’ attached to them] The key to lab tests I’ve found is the [I]asterisks[I][/I][/I] “**” things. Often you may be just be above the low, or below the high. Those are easy to pay attention to for the vitamin or mineral aspects… I tease my docs about paying attention ONLY to those **’s things! And often what you are high or low on partners with other goodies so all I can say is TRY and avoid the biopsy route and pay a closer look at the blood work-up #’s!
My motto these days is: The less of the invasive that can happen to me? The better! Hope this helps….don’t forget that to do most biopsies? It involves a hospital…there ARE SICK people THERE! I truly don’t want to get ‘shared’ with there.