Will do Ken

May 26, 2009 at 6:34 am

Will do Ken! My husband came home one day with nothing but a old junky looking frame. The car had no motor or tranmission in it and was flat rotten tires. The frame was all rusty looking. This thing looked like a piece of junk. I was so embarrassed. LOL! First time I ever wanted to kill my husband. I told him he was not going to have that piece of junk in our yard for me to stare at everyday! So he moved it to my moms shelter in the back for my mom to stare at. Me and my mom both have gripped about that old junky thing. Then he started working on it! Buying piece here and piece there and sanding and priming and welding. My mouth dropped when I saw it for at first it looked horrible. Now it looks like a grey primmed car! All the dings are out and it’s nicely primmed. New enterior. New rims! He’s got a friend of his doing the paint job. But he’s getting parts for this guy and putting the parts on for his Elcamino. Both doing favors for each other. So both can finish their cars at the same time. He’s getting it painted red! Nobody in my area has a bright red one so his is going to stand out! I can’t wait to see it painted! LOL! He’s put quite a few grand in that car! The parts new are high! But will post a before and after on here soon! Hugs
Linda H