Wii Mii

January 17, 2009 at 6:19 am

Norb is the man with the photoshop! Thank you Norb, that was nice of you to take the time to modify my avatar. This one is
a keeper and will be there for a while unless we scheme up something better. LOL. Maybe we can get em off the Play screen
holding the tennis rachet or something. We can have some fun with this.

We both took pictures of our MII’s right off the TV screen. Size it for the avatar. I am still unsure how the blink thing happens.

I went to Adobe site and you can flick around and get a trial of a full blown version of Photoshop CS4. almost 1GB download. it is awesome and there are alot of turorials to help get you started. I plan on tinkering with it for the 30 days or so. then doing it again from another acount for another 30 days. eventually if confident enough, buy it and go to a formal class. Right now a class would be futile, I would not even know how to phrase a question on it.
This is the most complicated software I have ever monkied with. Not Only is it complicated you must understand color like you were either Judy Garland or a Leprochon. Good luck