why does the energy not come back?

January 19, 2008 at 7:03 pm

I would love that,, love heat and sun. Im little dizzy this time and it is beouce of the sleelpingpills Im so maby Im not good in spelling or fast on the keybord.somtimes I wiss ther was some mircule that would set you free and you woul never have to take any pills and you get free to go from all of this. I dont know how I can tell you my family how despret Im to stand in this I dont want to tell when Im feeling so depressed and somthing is bother me. like to day my hands are all shaking and my head hurts, my feet are like havy meatal. This is no progress I feel going backwards when they are like this, it also efect my eye´s somtimes they dont like to watch much tv og be in the puter long time. I blame it on the nurotine. maby I should reduce the that med to see if I can work better and have more energy. What do you do to get more energy Im trying to eat healthy food cooke it my self or my daughter. but somthing is missing my energy go down and I though that when after few weeks it would go up. Im always with throughin up but never it happen. It is strange I thought when you finish your IVIG then things would start to be normal again. speacialy when you did not paralizd.