wholistic approach

October 20, 2007 at 6:51 pm

Echinacea extract is good and so is golden seal – alternating them. Olive leaf will also help. I usually take four pills at a time – twice a day. Of course, I would be sure I was taking at least eight grams of vitamin C a day. Actually, I take eight grams normally so I woud be taking maybe 16 grams if I wanted to get rid of it. Also, cut out all milk products until you get better. Instead of giving your body steroids, why not just boost your immune system and let your body fix your ear infection.
Carolyn – GOOD medicine woman

I found that EES worked better for my ear infections . I started getting ear infections when I came down with Legionaire’s Disease – before that, I didn’t get them. EES worked best for me – not augmentin.