Whoew! I’m not alone!

June 13, 2010 at 11:48 pm

Allergist and neuro and Gp have been ‘working on me’ in this quarter and all I can say is? When I go to the dentist? I tell them I’ve a VERY HEALTHY ‘GAG REFLEX!’ Antihistemines, decongnstents, biotene and cepacol spray are my friends. Use wisely and all with caution is all I’ve got to say…
Yes, IT could be CIDP? and my Allergist, dentist and GP do keep ‘track of this’ somehow.. It’s one of those ToBeDetermined kind of things… Sorry it’s not more specific? But we are HUMANS! We are not hot house flowers grown in a contained environment.
Scary prospect? But real at the same time. Learn more about your ‘environment’? And, maybe you can ideally, cross more possible ‘contributors’ off YOUR list?
Hope and hugs!