Who rules your life?

May 14, 2006 at 2:08 am

I have a baby when I was 26. I had GBS when I was 18. Somebody told me that I will not live long. I am now 38. My boy is as tall as me, healthy, normal teen. Yes, I am still working, in fact two jobs (one full time, one per diem-occasional job). Physically, I am tired and fatigued after an 8 hour shift. At times I have neuropathic pain on my legs and hands. Am I taking medication?–NO. I live with that pain–it’s me who has the only power to control it. So much so when I have this involuntary switching of my lower extremities when I was pregnant. Did I take medications for it? NO, it was not seizures. it was part of me and my past. Of course as other pregnant women, I was taking prenatal vitamins. Did I chose to be pregnant? Yes. It was me and my faith.