Who is going to Symposium

October 23, 2006 at 1:41 am

Liz, I will be going and will also be in a wheelchair. My daughter is going also to help me, I know she will be glad to take pictures for you. She is very good at it. I think you are from NY. We are taking the Blue Jet flight out of JFK at 8a.m. on Nov 2. Have made reservations also for the van pick-up to the Embassy. If you would like to call me, my number is 845-229-8322, best after 5 p.m. because of doctors’ etc. appointments . I am also anxious about attending. Even now it’s giving me a boost. Planning and hoping and praying. If you prefer to e-mail, my address is [email]pshinz87@yahoo.com[/email]. I believe you snail mailed me something earlier this year or late lastfrom GBS.