While we’re on the subject

October 8, 2008 at 3:41 pm

Actually, the more tv shows I remember, the more I realize (uncomfortably)that I watched a lot of tv down through the years. But then, I was also very busy with schoolwork, home chores, hobbies, gardening, a part-time job as a teen, lots of volunteer work, lots of outdoor sports activities, later raising a family. Still, I don’t feel I watched too much tv then. And I watch almost none now. It’s just that I REMEMBER what I watch.

This topic is actually quite therapeutic. GBS affected my memory badly, but stuff is coming back to me now. There are still a lot of things that are just “out of reach”, but the brain network is still working away, and I hope to get them back someday. Anything to do with numbers, or comprehension of directions still beats me. I just can’t remember figures or cope with directive details. I need to reload my computer, but am scared I won’t know how to do it, though I’ve written out some of the instructions.

More tv shows: Profile and Top of the Morning (for those of you on the Canadian prairies); also, David and Goliath (I loved that one).

PS: My sister and I sang on Profile once in our early teens.