when it rains it pours

February 28, 2009 at 12:21 pm

We had to drive 800 miles to Oklahoma on Thursday. I decided not to stay home alone this time. Carol’s mom had to go to the hospital very weak and coughing . We were worried it might be something more serious like a heart problem. She was on antibiotics for several days and seems to be getting better. She is going to be released today but she needs us to be here for a while to take care of her. So it looks like we won’t be back for about a week or so.

The 12 hour drive was long and boring so we listened to the entire Asanee Wasan Rum Rai concert and some other Thai music on our iPod. Rum Rai is happy and has a good beat, good for driving. The countryside through Kansas was all flat with only a bare tree once in a while, a lonely oil pump nodding slowly up and down, all the fields were brown with only stubbles left over from the last corn or wheat harvest. Here at the lakes in eastern Oklahoma there are many trees, but of course all barren. The weather is dreary. We miss green Thailand.

Turns out she has pneumonia, probably never treated since Christmas when we were here before.