June 12, 2009 at 9:24 am

Johnny Mac,
I too think your mother should re-apply. I cannot walk so I do need a scooter/wheelchair to get from room to room, that probably is the way you have to word it on form, but I did tell them I’d be using it mostly outside and I was approved. No-one came to my home for an inspection to see if door-ways, etc. were wide enough.

And I’ll just have to hope that I never get caught outside in a sudden rain-storm because I do know that if the battery ever got water in it, it will be ruined. I’m a super cautious person and I don’t use my jazzy outside even if it looks like it “might” rain. I read through some good information on [url]www.wheelchairjunkie.com[/url]


April 23, 2007 at 2:00 am

Nate is 16 mos out from severe GBS and he is still wheelchair dependent.
He does pt twice weekly and still cannot walk more than about 20 steps without his knees giving out.
He uses his wc everywhere, including the house.
I’m trying to motivate him to try walking around the house some with his walker.
He says he’s still apprehensive to try it much.
He only got his AFO 2 weeks ago, then got the flu for almost a week so he hasn’t been real mobile yet with it.
His AFO was a godsend though. Its a perfect fit and it keeps his ankle straight up. He will need a new one in 6 to 12 mos though to get his foot straighter and bring his heel down. They do that deformity in stages.
His leg muscles and knees are still not coming back too well right now and he has very little balance unless he’s hanging onto something like parallel bars or a walker.
Only time will tell if he ever gets them back well enough to walk without assistance.
In the meantime, he uses his wc to get where he needs.
Trudy, natesmom
Nate, GBS 1-06
Discharged 9-30-06