whats to come

September 14, 2007 at 5:39 pm

Well I got through the funeral , though emotionally I am all over the place and my psychiatrist is still on vacation and it really is a bummer as I really could of used some support from him. He was not there when I found out that my Grandma died or when I got back from the funeral. I am almost to the point where I could use a brief stay in hospital just to get over this hump in my life.

I am getting a new wheeelchair this next wednesday a trial one as I have outgrown the last one. I keep gaining weight and I can’t lose it for the life of me. I have tried everything I know of but nothing helps. Physio are telling me I have to put more pressure on my bad knee as I will get arthritis in my right knee if I don’t watch it. I already have a little arthritis in my left from my previous surgeon, but my left knee is super sore now a days because I am doing to much with it.

I still haven’t heard anything back about the surgeon and when I am going to see him. That is the most frustrating part as I just want to know a date and time of when it is going to happen:confused: . I just hope I find out soon.

Hoping all of you are OK and keeping you in my prayers,

Still could use some more input into why my knee relates to GBS.