Whats going on now

October 20, 2006 at 2:59 pm

Well my AFO has been fixed to the extent that my foot doesn’t invert so much. I am really working hard at getting my walking to look right my gait is the hardest to get partly because of the customized AFO. I have a hard time when I concentrate too much and I don’t seem to flow too much. Currently I am working on this. My wheelchair busted temporarily and I just got it fixed yesterday as my castor cracked half of the way and the wheel on the castor came off of the rim slightly just enough for me to feel myself going clumping all the way down the street as if I was in a very racky terraine when in fact I was not. So now I have 2 new castors and 2 new big tires and 2 new brakes. I feel like I have a whole new wheel chair yet I don’t.

I have everything packed to go pretty well for the symposium and am all ready to go. I have just enough . My mom did say she was going to give the rest of what I needed at the end of the month. So I should be OK.

Hope to see you all there I am really excited and can’t wait . I am counting down the days.