whatever is to be is to be

May 15, 2007 at 3:37 pm

I talked to my new therapist and obtw she seems to be a really good listner. I asked her what the best way to get my family to try and understand GBS or it may be CIDP is to Educate them. They seem to think they were “EDUCATED” enough while I was in a drug induced coma and on the doorstep of death and then while I was in rehab re-learning to do EVERYTHING from moving my toe to straighten a finger . I rebember the first time I got to brush my own teeth I held the toothbrush and moved my head. I guess there is really no was to get anyone to understand what is going on inside my body. I really do appreciate all the responses, even after I deleted the firt on the thread. But I just felt like I was whining and alot of it had nothing to do with GBS or CIDP which is what this forum is dedicated to.
Thanks everyone actually Thanks isn’t enough